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Drive Technology
Renewable Energy
Component Test
Laboratory Tasks
Isolation Amplifiers
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Vout / Cout Regulation
for shunt calibration
3 output ranges:
R1 = ±500A/ ±5V
R2= ±500A/ ±10V
R3= ±10A/±10V

PA5000W / Ua/Ia
DC to 10kHz;
resolution: appr. 400 µA:
DKD calibration possible
high stability to represent and generate
e.g. 100kV and / or 15kA -2kHz
for PTB Standardisation

PA3120A / Ua/Ia

270Veff/ 56Aeff -112Aeff
15kVA cont. – 30kVAmax
DC to 15kHz
local/remote control

Quality Control & Calibration

We have the right solution for all your calibration needs.
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Rohrer power amplifiers overview
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