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Drive Technology
Renewable Energy
Component Test
Laboratory Tasks
Isolation Amplifiers
Rohrer GmbH - power electronic, signal processing, customized solutions
3-piece of a modular amplifier-concept
which fits in a trunk
for mobile automotive use

supply voltage for mobile use: 24VDC
for test stand use: 3x400Vrms (r m s)
control quantity switchable from Ua to Ia
standard power amplifier
selectable Ua / IaUa
magnetic coding of sealing rings
in automotive mass production

PA2087C / Ua/Ia
±50V / ±50A / 150A
DC to >100kHz
standard power amplifier
Vout-driven – for automotive
hardware evaluation (ECU’s/actuators)

PA2077B / Ua
Output ranges switchable
R1: +40V-5V /±50A cont. / 150A-200ms
R2: +20V-5V / ±100A cont. 300A-200ms
DC to >100kHz

Drive Technology: Automotive, Aeronautic & Train

We have the right solution for all your drive technology needs. We acquire the best solution for your task, as we are developing and designing the equipment inhouse to your specifications. Inside of our apparatus you will find more than 40 years of experience.
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Rohrer power amplifiers overview
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