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Isolation Amplifiers
Rohrer GmbH - power electronic, signal processing, customized solutions
ARCUS®T303-A & Serie 930
for tests on intermediate voltages,
power inverters, power lines,
automotive grids

Frequency: DC to 500kHz
isolation test voltage: ±10kV/ T303A;
CMRR: >160db @ 50hz;
18 measuring ranges 10mV to ±5000 V
recovery and rise time: 1µsec
Low pass filter: 5Hz – 3 kHz – 100kHz – OFF
accuracy: 0,1% - local and remote control
Interface converter and multiplexer

ARCUS® 937-B
1pc 937B for up to 6 channels T303B
or Arcus Serie 930
with 2 pcs 937B up to 11 channels
small size, space saving, no plug-in space required,
control and power supply via USB

Isolation Amplifiers

We have the right solution for all your isolation amplifiers needs.
Download our Pdf catalogue with a comprehensive overview or contact us for further information.


Rohrer power amplifiers overview
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