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March 20 - 22, 2019, Electronica 2019, China Shanghai

Come and see us in the German Pavilion!
Read more at the respective Website Electronica 2019...

New Amplifier Series

* PA-LV124/148 - 1,7 MHz

* PAB050/PAB100 - 1 kW


Presentation at the Power Analysis & Design Symposium

Rohrer GmbH, Mess- und Systemtechnik, presented the HERO®POWER precision amplifier on the this year‘s Power Analysis & Design Symposium from Omicron Lab. Bode 100, a helpful and beneficial measuring unit to document
the amplifiers, was focussed.

Rohrer ist now member of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization

High precision, reliability and stability are the distinguishing features of the measuring instruments and systems produced by ROHRER GmbH, Mess-und Systemtechnik, in Munich. They typically manufacture measurement and system technology, designed in accordance with the special wishes and requirements from customers all over the world also in small quantities or single units.

By the way – a journey to munich is always an Aha!- experience beside Hero®Power from Rohrer

Enclosed you will finds more about it.

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