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Measurement and System Technology

ROHRER has been designing and manufacturing measurement equipment and systems for a wide range of applications for over 20 years. Through our associates we can offer complete, complex systems, realising the most exacting standards. Key areas are power amplifiers up to 20kW for actuators and sensors, signal recording, preparation and saving, especially where high sample rates are required.

Advantages of linear regulated power amplifiers

What are arbitrary amplifiers?

Arbitrary amplifiers serve to amplify analogue signals with any chosen curve form

What are the key features of the HERO® precision power amplifiers?

HERO® precision power amplifiers are 4 quadrant amplifiers for high speed applications and exact zero axis crossing. Capabilities are:

Where are HERO® precision power amplifiers used?

What distinguishes a HERO® precision power amplifier?

HERO® precision power amplifiers are designed to be adaptable to the task in hand. They can be optimized to suit the assignment, for instance, with regard to control, supervision, regulation characteristics, and power dissipation capabilities.

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