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Rohrer GmbH - power electronic, signal processing, customized solutions

Our customers are our most valuable partners.

We would be very pleased to show you our possibilities in a detailed discussion and presentation.
Here are a few examples which demonstrate the happiness of our customers:

"Hello Mr. Rohrer,
Mr. XXXX our requestor have told me, that the PAxxxx has exceeded their expectations, and they have requested that NASA purchase the additional upgraded amplifiers, with your model number Paxxxx."

1 year later
"As you know, Mr. YYYY and the other users have been very pleased with the Paxxxx-B-USA that NASA ordered last year. Consequently, they have requested that NASA purchase eight (8) similar units"

"Thank you so much for the technical accurateness, as well as for immediate and unbureaucratic support. I hope so much, that we will have the opportunity to work together on similar projects in the near future."
Fraunhofergesellschaft, Mr. Dr. M.

"We are very happy with the power amplifier. It is good looking, it is easy to run and our application performs as expected. A great praise to you and all contributors.
Many thanks and best greetings from Düsseldorf."

TRW, Mr. J.K.

The challenge: 1000 V / µs slew rate
"I did not doubt for a single moment, that you can fulfil our requirements"
PTB, Dr. F.

"we have everything prepared for the field test. The result was: ... a cut above the specification"
Conti Temic Mr. S. head of department of an international automotive test laboratory

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